Falkland Island Shipping has assisted in most major infrastructure projects in the Falkland Islands in recent years, including the transportation of wind turbines from the manufacturers in Germany, on-Island facility arrangements to support the 2009 de-mining initiative, and shipment of supplies to support oil exploration activities.

Being contracted to deliver a significant project to a mid-Ocean location 8,000 miles from the UK can be daunting prospect fraught with difficulty. Falkland Island Shipping can help alleviate those difficulties and tailor a seamless transportation plan to minimise your risk and ensure you deliver your project on time and to budget. Contact us here to discuss how we can help ensure your success.

Types of Shipments

Project Cargo

If you are supporting or providing major project work in the Falkland Islands, Falkland Island Shipping can help you.

Our logistics team in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, has over 70 years combined experience in Falkland Island transport and logistics and is complemented by its team in Stanley, as well as our sister company, The Falkland Islands Company. The Falkland Islands Company is able to provide assistance with staff accommodation, commercial property rental, insurance services, and vehicle rental and on-Island transport requirements.


Why Choose Us?
Dedicated UK to Falklands Service

Falkland Island Shipping is proud to offer a shipping and freight service dedicated solely to serving the needs of the Falkland Islands

Falkland Island Shipping’s team of specialists in the UK and Stanley can deliver a shipping/ freight package tailor made to meet your needs

Falkland Island Shipping transports more goods to the Falklands than any other commercial carrier. Take advantage of our buying power.

In addition to arranging shipment, uniquely Falkland Islands Shipping offers, Packing, Insurance, Cargo Handling and Stevedoring, Customs Clearance, Local Delivery and Storage if required.

All shipments are containerised at specialist consolidators AMG in Essex, containers sealed and shipped direct from the UK to the Falklands.